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Diving Adventures

Ok so back in 1994 I did a Padi Open Water Diving course with the intention of diving very regularly. However it turned out that this was not to be, so after completing the course I dived only once a year for 2 years and then .....nothing. 8 dives in total.

Perhaps it was a bit of a mid life crisis thing, but in 2009, almost14 years later I decided that I wanted to get back into my diving and made a plan to do a refresher course. After a few mishaps during the refresher, and almost giving up on diving altogether, I requalified  as an open water diver, I got some new gear and a custom wetsuit.

So now I can say I have a little more experience at 50 dives, having done my Advanced  and  Nitrox courses, and diving mostly in the Cape.  Water temps ranging from 9 to 15C, depths from 12 to 34m. I don't yet have an underwater camera, but one of my dive buddies does so herewith a short video of the last dive! Enjoy

Video SAS Good Hope Dive