Who are we?

Having been involved in the 4x4 industry since 1995, and currently working at one of the  larger 4x4 fitment centres in Cape Town, it seems fitting  that my dream of getting my own dedicated 4x4 and offroad website off the ground has finally come to pass.

Initially Offroad for Africa will be a kind of information portal  for all things 4x4.  The plan is to add valuable information regarding the workings and fitment of common 4x4 accessories like battery systems, roof racks, fuel tanks etc, ( How To page ) and then also simple usable  recipes  that are easy ,work in the bush

and taste good ( Recipes Page ).  The Adventures Page will be a place for users of the website to tell their own experiences good and bad of travel in Southern Africa.

Long term it is envisaged that we will grow into a retail 4x4 site, where you will be able to purchase all your 4x4 accessories online via credit card. In the medium term we will start with books and maps and the like, and then grow into a full e-commerce website dedicated to all things 4x4.

Mail Me if you have any comments or criticism